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Squeaks on the court, and Matt passes the ball. The scrimmage was in full swing; our team up by three. Forehead wet, body swaying, dribbling the ball, ready to shoot, and…Score! We laugh and comment on each other, hot and sweaty. The gym doors open and Kevin walks in, books on his lap, arms propelling his wheels. He rides down to the other end of the gym and sets himself down onto the bleacher. We all just stare, and I think he saw us staring. He opened his pre-calculus textbook and started writing. The guys and I went back to scrimmaging, and I caught Kevin glancing up at us, watching us play. I stopped and returned the look, but he just shot his head back down, as if nothing happened. I stopped and stood and the guys motioned for me to start up again. I motioned back for them to hold on. I jogged down to the other end of the gym to the bleachers, where Kevin was sitting. He pretended not to notice me, burying his head further in his book, scribbling more notes down.
"Hey Kevin…?" I asked him.
"Do you wanna play?"
"…Play what?" He questioned me.
"Play ball…With us?"
"Funny…" He retorted.
"No. I'm serious. Do you want to play?" I asked again.
"Well I can't. And I don't know how."
"Sure you can." I said to him. "Hey guys!" I called out to my friends. "Come help me out over here!" I shouted.
All my friends came jogging over to where Kevin and I were at. They got my drift, and helped me ease Kevin back into his wheelchair.
"It's easy: When someone passes you the ball, just shoot it towards the net." I assured him. He didn't look to sure.
We then started the game. I passed to Matt, Matt passed to Johnny, Johnny passed the ball to Nick, but missed and the basketball dropped and bounced on the ground towards Kevin. It landed in his lap and he started wheeling towards the net. We attempted to run after him but let him go. He shot and…Score! He made a basket, and the feeling was incredible; not only in him, but in me as well.
This for the Be A Spark Challenge! It's pretty emotional and I really love it because it shows kindess and a LOT of inspiration to me~
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January 3, 2011
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